Bandai B-Wing Clear Parts

Posted by Christopher Howard on

Here is the first blog post showing the Bandai B-Wing Clear Parts set, and its Navigation lights.

The set also includes "Glow Panels" for the main wing, "Torpedo's", and cockpit Cannon's.


The Navigation lights are the round disks seen at the far left of the above image.

The idea is to light them with 0402 LED's.  I am using Cool White for the wing edge, and Red for above and below the main engine body.  

The holes need to be around 0.016" OD.

Above you see the kit part with the clear Navigation light test fitted.

Below you can see more images of the installation.

The optical quality clear resin will act as a light tube for the LED.  You need to light block the plastic on the kit part with black paint.

After the part is glued with quick setting CA or clear epoxy, press the two halves of the kit parts together and cement them.